These kayaks almost defy the need for a description. They’re clearly the coolest crafts on the water, and you’re going to love discovering the magic that lies just below the surface of the waters around you with our amazing view-thru material.
We’ve always seen kayaks as means of building relationships and creating connections between paddlers and the environments we travel through. With the innovative new design of the Hanalei, we’ve taken this philosophy under the sea to allow kayakers to witness the magic of the world beneath them as they explore coral reefs, marshes, mangroves, lakes, and coastal bays. Just remember to watch where you’re going!
(Currently unavailable in the U.S.)


  • Hanalei
    Length: 9’2”
    Width: 31”
    Height: 11”
    Weight: 55 lbs
    Capacity: 265 lbs

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